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Comparison of the difference between acrylic keychain and metal keychain

2021-04-22 09:29:23

Keychains are very common in life, large and small, of all kinds, colorful and dazzling. In terms of material, we can mainly divide keychains into acrylic keychains and metal keychains. So, what is the difference between an acrylic keychain and a metal keychain?

1. Acrylic keychains are of good quality and low price:

Metal keychains generally use materials such as copper and zinc alloys, which are more expensive than soft rubber, while acrylic keychains are made of environmentally friendly PVC materials, which are relatively cheaper. Acrylic keychains have complex shapes, cartoon type, brand type, character, fruit, flowers, trees and so on.

Acrylic keychain 

2. Acrylic keychain has plates and eyes:

The color of the acrylic keychain is beautiful and vivid, and the pictures above are well-defined. The edge transition of the keychain is often better than the metal keyring. (This is mainly due to the different physical properties of metal and soft pvc)

3. Acrylic keychain is durable:

Acrylic keychains are durable, beautiful and stylish, and the metal keyring is slightly rusty. If the acrylic keychain is dirty, it can be cleaned with water and detergent, while the metal keychain is not.

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