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Introduction of custom-made oil injection process for PVC gifts

2021-04-22 09:29:23

Customized PVC gift products made of PVC involve many coloring processes. These processes have created different appearances, different usage methods and different purposes of PVC gift customization, such as baking, printing, oil spraying, etc.

Now we will introduce the oil injection process of PVC gift customization gifts. The meaning of the PVC injection process is to enhance the feel and beauty of the three-dimensional doll, so that the product can maintain a smoother and more three-dimensional feeling. PVC gift customization is a kind of adsorption It is a product with relatively strong performance, so the surface of PVC doll is easier to absorb some dust and other substances in the air, causing its appearance to be unsightly. The oil injection process can also reduce its adsorption and make the appearance of PVC products more beautiful. ,tidy.


At present, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection issues in China. Large fuel injection factories are not in line with this policy. Therefore, there are almost no large fuel injection factories. Generally, PVC products factories make some fuel injections themselves in order to better ship products. The craftsmanship, so it also caused an increase in the price of fuel injection, domestic PVC gift custom fuel injection prices vary according to the size and size of the product.

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