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The reason why PVC gifts are difficult to demold after custom molding

2021-04-22 09:29:23

One problem often encountered in PVC gift customization is the difficulty of demolding. The efficiency of PVC gift customization and product quality of PVC manufacturers have a great relationship with the mold demolding effect and the surface treatment of the mold. For example, the mold is spent or If there are too many impurities on the viscose surface, then mold surface treatment is required. It is a troublesome problem for PVC steel molds to get on and off the machine, so sandblasting is not used as much as possible for the mold washing method, and the mold washing water treatment is faster.

There are several reasons why it is difficult to take off the customized PVC gift film:

1. The design of the PVC keychain mold is unreasonable, and any molded product must take into account the angle of film release; this experienced PVC mold company has an advantage;

2. If the appropriate release agent is not used or the amount used is not enough, the PVC keychain can use internal release agent, external release agent, etc. to improve the difficulty of product release; the preferred solution can be selected according to multiple tests;

3. Incomplete vulcanization of PVC. Unripe PVC membranes are more prone to problems, such as mucous membranes, burst edges, etc.;

4. It is not easy to control the timing of PVC keychain stripping. Experienced masters can choose the appropriate stripping process according to the product thickness and other parameters;

5. Influence of other factors.

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