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How to determine the quality of PVC gift customization

2021-04-22 09:29:23

1. Look at the quality, and for professionals, it is raw and cooked. The method of judging is also very simple. When it is taken out of the oven, we will fold it slightly. If it cracks, it will definitely prove the quality. Close, that is, it is not familiar, it must be reprocessed.

2. See if the color and position meet the requirements. Generally speaking, for PVC gift customization, special processing and customization are carried out. At this time, compare whether the produced samples are consistent with the requested samples, if so , Then it must be qualified.

3. After that, all of them are to be pasted on the refrigerator, and then used for recording. At this time, we need to see if the bottom of the pasting is flat, so as to ensure that it can be pasted on. After that, you need to confirm whether there are bubbles in the place where the magnet on the back is not pasted. If there are bubbles, it must be unqualified, and we need to reprocess it.

PVC gift customization

4. After checking the above problems, it is necessary to check the entire PVC gift customization, that is, to do a simple quality inspection on the overall quality, and at this time you need to see the PVC produced Is there any impurity and color mixing after the gift customization? These are not to be ignored. Only by ensuring that each link is relatively perfect, then we can proceed to the factory.

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