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How to reduce the manufacturing cost of PVC gift customization?

2021-04-22 09:29:23

Nowadays, domestic environmental protection and price adjustments have caused many silicone rubber products factories to pay attention to the cost control of PVC gift customization. So what costs can be controlled by PVC gift customization, and what costs can not be controlled?

In fact, the cost control of car keychain dolls cannot be concluded in two days. If a silicone product factory saves 10 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, it will be 300 degrees in one month, and that ten machines will be 3000 degrees in a month. The electricity bill saved for you in a year is tens of thousands, and other work necessities are the same. You can't see any changes in a day or two. After a long time, you may be shocked yourself.

In addition, the current labor cost is also a high cost. The product burrs and nozzles of the silicone doll keychain need manual hand trimming. If the trimming is broken, it will be scrapped. If it is not repaired, it will have to be reworked at the end. The most worrying is the delivery of the silicone keychain. In the hands of the customer, if the customer complains, they have to send the silicone doll keychain back to work again, which wastes a lot of cost and time. Therefore, quality inspection is also very important to save part of the cost.

PVC gift customization

Speaking of the current silicone gift industry, if a silicone product factory cannot make money in terms of profit and output, and the silicone factory continues to maintain, then it may be that internal cost control is better, but the current silicone gift industry can only It can survive from the production volume, cost control, and internal methods.

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