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The role of acrylic ornaments

2021-04-22 09:29:23

For those who travel frequently or love to travel, in addition to some daily necessities and clothes that need to be carried, acrylic decorations are indispensable. Suitcases, consignment tags, and cartoon luggage tags are widely used in the market, and acrylic ornaments are deeply loved by consumers.

Acrylic ornaments 

The cartoon acrylic decorations of suitcases come in a variety of colors and patterns, some with letters, some with numbers, cartoon images, character images, etc., to meet the needs of consumers at all levels. Its material is made of silicone. The importance of each piece is about 50 grams, this should be combined with the specific size, the commonly used size is about 11*6 cm. The main purpose is to provide some large-scale business trips, business personnel, overseas personnel, hobby travelers, and some luggage consignment companies. The outer packaging is uniformly sealed and packaged with OPP plastic bags.

I believe that many people now have the experience of flying by plane. If our luggage is to be carried on the plane, it will definitely be put on a luggage tag. The luggage tag is the symbol of our checked baggage and our proof of claiming the checked baggage.

First of all, one of the uses of acrylic ornaments is to make it easier to identify your luggage. Putting a special cartoon luggage tag on your luggage can avoid a lot of troubles, especially when you check your luggage when you are flying. It is very easy to get confused. Yes, many people’s suitcases are very similar nowadays. If we judge our luggage only from the appearance, it is easy to make a mistake. At this time, if we can add some special signs to our luggage. Then it is very convenient. You can stare at your luggage tag while waiting for your luggage. If your silicone luggage tag appears then you can hold your suitcase so that others will not mistake your luggage. , Because there is your important information on the suitcase, such as phone number and address.



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